Academic Mentors

The College's Policy on Academic Mentoring requires that all students are allocated an Academic Mentor with whom they will come into contact during orientation week. The Academic Mentor is a member of the academic staff who provides academic guidance and support for students' academic development, and acts as the first point of contact for students. (S)he supports and encourages students, and helps them adjust quickly into the new environment. The Academic Mentor meets frequently with his/her mentees either in group or individual face-to-face sessions, and discusses about their academic progress, assessment, examinations, skills and achievements to date.

The faculty members responsible for academic mentoring are the following:

Chrysoulla Trisvei
Chrysoulla Trisvei holds a Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts, a BSc in Hotel Management and an MSc in Hotel Management. She is a well-experienced teacher. She has been teaching for more than 20 years in our College. She has also been teaching adults in the Ministry of Education for several years. She is a strong, enthusiastic, visionary and pleasant personality, who provides the leadership required to ensure a high quality of education for the pupils. She has a proven track record of successfully participating and organising several seminars, local and international events, managing resources and improved educational services, thereby providing students and chefs with the best training environment to achieve their full potential and promote the ethos and aims of the College as well as the Cypriot culture. For several years, she has been offering her services, know how and knowledge to different volunteering organisations from key positions. Her latest achievement was to become the first woman in Cyprus as a jury member of the World Association of Cooks Society (WACS) and leader of the Cyprus Culinary team. As the Vice-President of Chefs Association Gastronomy Eurotoques Cyprus, she was responsible for the recruitment and selection of chefs and support of Cyprus teams to participate in several cooking competitions with great success.

Dorota Jedryka
Dorota Jedryka holds a BA in English Language Philology and BA in Business English European Relationships. She has worked for several years as an English Language Teacher. She has excellent communication skills gained through her experience as an English teacher to people of different ages. Dorota has very good organisational skills as well as leadership acquired through her professional experience as a Head Registrar.

Ellie Petrou
Ellie Petrou has been with Casa College  for more than 30 years and has been serving as the Director of Academic Studies in recent years. She obtained a Higher National Diploma in Travel and Tourism and proceeded with a BSc in Hospitality Administration followed by an MSc in International Hospitality Management. She has a long career in education and loves creating, planning, organizing and directing projects for Casa College. She speaks Greek, English, French, Italian and Spanish. She is involved in the management’s decision making and provides administrative support to faculty and all other members of staff.  She supervises students’ dissertations and acts as undergraduate student’s mentor. Mrs. Petrou has both the professional experience and the educational background to successfully bring forward any assignment related to Business and Hotel Management Courses. She is a member of the Cyprus Hotel Association, Cyprus Hotel Managers Associations and The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Evi Kalatha
Evi Kalatha holds a BA in Classical Studies and Philosophy and an MSc in Educational Leadership and Management. She has taught Greek as a Foreign Language for many years in various educational institutions. She is a Greek Language Instructor at Casa College for the last ten years. Evi has attended various seminars on the Greek Language and Philosophy. She has excellent communication and organisational skills gained through her teaching experience.

Dr. Milani Miranda Austria
Dr. Milani Miranda Austria is currently the Director of Casa Research Centre at Casa College. She holds a BSc in Computer Data Processing Management, an MBA, an MAED in Educational Leadership, and a PhD in Technology Education. She has been a Dean in the School of Technology and in Computer Studies and Engineering in the Philippines for many years, as well as a Lecturer in Hospital Management, Business Administration and Information Technology. Dr. Austria also has a great experience in Academia. She is a Chair in the Training Committee of the Computer Accreditation Commission of the Philippine Computer Society; a paper reviewer for various international journals and conferences all over the world; and, an Editorial Board Member in academic journals. She has also many publications in various academic journals and books and has received the Development Initiative (JEDI) Champion and a Teaching Award.

Maria Yiannoullou
Maria  is currently the Erasmus Officer at Casa College. She holds a BA in Greek Literature and an MA in International Relations. She has been teaching Greek and History since 2007 to a number of different settings including colleges and private schools. She is skilled both in classroom management and leading extra-curricular activities at the college.

Rafail Kyriakou
Rafail holds a BSc in Computer Science while his MSc in User Experience Design from the University of Brighton is ongoing. Rafail expanded his knowledge in the fields of video editing and digital marketing. He is a highly motivated person and very social. Rafail speaks English, Greek and a number of programming languages. He is a team player and has a very good organizational skills as well as leadership skills acquired through his experience as project leader in many of his university projects.

Teaching Assistants
Teaching Assistants (TA) provide further support to students' learning. Teaching Assistants are students who excel academically and they can assist their classmates with academic work assigned by lecturers using a peer-to-­peer learning model.