Academic Tutoring

Tutoring hours refer to the designated time slots during which tutors are available to provide academic assistance and support to students. These hours are set by the department within the college and they are designed to accommodate students’ needs for extra help outside of regular class hours.

Tutoring hours are established to offer students additional resources beyond the classroom environment. Tutors can help clarify confusing concepts, review course materials, provide guidance on assignments, and offer study strategies.

Tutoring hours are scheduled at specific times and days of the week or every other week and they are displayed on the college’s website every academic semester. Students can consult these schedules to determine when tutors are available for various subjects. CASA College offers online tutoring, allowing students to access help remotely.

In addition to offering tutoring hours, CASA College provides supplementary resources such as online materials and additional readings. These resources can further support students’ academic success.

The College’s aim is to give the opportunity to the students to enhance understanding, improve grades, and develop effective study techniques.