Appeals & Petitions

A Termination Appeal refers to a formal process through which a student who has been academically dismissed or faced termination from his/her studies can request a reconsideration of their status. Academic dismissal or termination occurs when a student fails to meet certain academic requirements, such as making satisfactory academic progress and engaging in academic processes.

The Termination Appeal process allows students to present their case and provide compelling reasons why they should be allowed to continue their studies despite the academic issues that led to their dismissal.

Students wishing to apply against the termination of their study have up to seven days after receiving the Termination of Study Letter from the Director of Academic Studies, by completing the Termination Appeal Form.

The Grade Petition is a formal process through which students can request a review and potential change of a grade they have received for a module. This process is typically available to students who believe there has been an error in the grading process, or if they have valid grounds for appealing the grade based on specific criteria set by the college. Students wishing to dispute their semester grades have up to two weeks after the results are posted to apply through the online Grade Petition Form.

Students can apply for a Grade Petition form only on the basis of the below:

  1. Student believes that his or her final grade for a module was unfair. (Discrimination, unjust
    treatment, or errors in the calculation)
  2. For exceptional circumstances:
  • serious short-term illness or injury
  • flare-up of a diagnosed and ongoing illness or disability, including a mental health condition
  • symptoms of an infectious disease that could be harmful if passed on to others
  • death or significant illness of a close family member
  • witnessing or experiencing a traumatic incident

The College cannot consider a claim without evidence.

Acceptable evidence is a document that can verify student’s circumstances:

  • doctor’s letter or hospital appointment letter
  • medical certificate
  • statement from a Student Advisor or Disability advisor from the Student Affairs Department
  • a death certificate, or an official letter confirming the death.