MA Management of Economic Systems

The Master’s program Management of Economic Systems aims at the acquisition of profound practical knowledge of strategic management of various economic systems. It helps the creation and development of management skills of expediency, efficiency and strategy, decision making, creative thinking and innovation management in a dynamic and turbulent business environment. Master graduates will be able to work on managerial positions situated at different levels of government, regardless of the sector in which the organization operates. They can be leaders in the fields of national and regional offices pertaining to the delineation and implementation of economic policy managers in scientific organizations, program teams and centers with economics and managers in private structures. The language of instruction is English.

Students acquire advanced knowledge in the management of key areas of economic systems such as marketing, accounting, financial analysis, human resources, administration and econometrics. Additionally, knowledge is obtained in the field of global and regional trends and characteristics in the development of the economy.

This course runs for two semesters.

Admission Requirements
Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in related academic field.

Examination, Assessment & Grading
The master’s program in Management of Economics systems is assessed by written exams and course work. The final degree is awarded after the student has successfully undertaken the State Exam.

Course Breakdown

ECTS Code Courses Lectures Credits
20135062 Applicable Accounting Standards 30 4
20081625 Corporate Financial Analysis 30 4
20041396 Econometrics 30 5
20123015 Strategic Human Resource Management 30 4
20041350 Strategic Marketing 30 5
Two Elective Course
20063524 Global Economy 30 3
20052474 International Investments 30 3
20123281 Regional Economic Integration 30 3
One Optional Course
20081522 Business Games 15 2
20102262 e-Government 15 2
Total for Semester 1 225 30
20122881 Administration Management 30 5
Two Elective Course
20135060 Cooperative Entrepreneurship 30 3
20041495 Middle Eastern Markets 30 3
20135061 Regulations & Market 30 3
Two Optional Course
20052995 Diploma Specialized Seminar 15 2
20081621 Financial Instruments & Markets 15 2
20041470 International Trade 15 2
Total for Semester 2 120 15
State Exam 15
Total for MA in Management of Economic Systems 345 60