Students who have successfully completed the required number of ECTS credits are eligible for graduation.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduate students have the opportunity to spend a well-deserved evening with their lecturers, peers, family, and friends celebrating this milestone in their lives. College graduation is one of the most memorable events in every person’s life and here at Casa College we aim to make sure that all students walk into their future with a pleasant memory from their college years.

The graduation ceremony typically consists of a formal event where students wear the College’s official graduation garment and cap. The College president then addresses the audience and congratulates the students on their achievements followed by speeches by other esteemed guests (like ambassadors, politicians, academics, and other public figures). Finally, the year’s top graduate student gets to express his/her thoughts about his/her experiences at Casa College and their exciting future ahead.

This is then followed by a light cocktail party enabling guests to mingle, take pictures, and realise the importance of this achievement.

The details of the event are always announced one month before the graduation ceremony. Students must complete and submit the Graduation Ceremony Application Form along with eighty (80 €) euros to the Student Affairs & Welfare Office. The eighty (80 €) euros cover the cost of the graduation garment/cap rental, cocktail party for the graduate student, two photographs (one individual photo and one graduation class photo), and a commemorative graduation plaque. Guests must purchase their tickets from the Student Affairs & Welfare Office for 20 € per person. 

The graduation ceremony takes place once a year in the second half of June.