The World’s Leading Hospitality Network

Hosco is an online platform and all potential members must meet certain criteria in order to join and apply to roles. Hosco is an exclusive network which has become a true community of passionate hospitality professionals who guide their members at all times, not only with job opportunities but also with career advice, industry insights, city guides and much more.

On Hosco, a candidate-job match is created every minute. This means that active job opportunities are constantly added across the globe which cover all the areas of hospitality, and companies are proactively searching to fill their roles.

Nevertheless, Hosco is not just a job site. It gives talents the opportunity to connect with other professionals, and view company profiles to learn more about the organisations that they are interested in. Hosco also offers exclusive articles and videos on the industry to provide insight and support to their members. Additional tools are forthcoming to guarantee that members have a full solution for their entire career—not just for securing their next job. Hosco was created to provide hospitality professionals with exclusive access to industry jobs, as well as ensure that employers receive qualified candidates for open positions.

Casa College has recently joined the Hosco platform which connects our College with world-class companies and industry leaders, and it therefore invites lecturers and students to become members to a network tailored to the hospitality industry.

You are welcome to join us at https://www.hosco.com/en/school/casa-college-2352614