Cruise Ship Hospitality Operations

This course is designed for students who wish to receive training and knowledge in the hospitality industry, focusing specifically on cruise ship hospitality. Although this is a one-year course, students have the option to attend a foundation year before starting their studies on cruise ship, which offers students intensive English classes, as well as computer and economic classes.
Students attending the course on Cruise Ship Hospitality Operations will be entry-level staff in various job positions in a cruise ship and they will have the opportunity to evolve and acquire diplomas and other qualifications.

The successful learners of this course will obtain knowledge, skills and abilities, in order to develop a professional profile which meets the demands of the cruise lines especially in the area of services like the kitchen on board, the restaurant on board, the housekeeping on board, the front office on board, health and safety on board, cruise ship terminology etc. The content of the subjects and modules taught, as well as the corresponding educational activities are suitable for achieving the desired learning outcomes with regard to the knowledge, skills, and abilities which should be acquired by the students. Students will receive practical training in the college restaurant and bar, as well as the professional kitchen.
Upon the successful completion of 60 credits/ECTS a student will be awarded the “Certificate in Cruise Ship Hospitality Operations”. The duration of this course is one academic year.

Admissions Requirements

  1. Minimum 50 % on high school leaving certificate.
  2. Proof of English Language Proficiency.

Accepted Tests:

  • IGCSE: minimum Grade D
  • IELTS: minimum Grade 5
  • TOEFL IBT: minimum 70 marks
  • Password Test: min. 5
  • Anglia Examinations: Intermediate
  • Michigan Language Assessment: ECCE(52)
  • Cambridge GCE AS Level in English Language: min. C
  • University of Cambridge Exams: PET-Preliminary English Test

1 Academic year

Courses Breakdown

Code Year 1 Semester 1 ECTS /Credits
CSH-111 Introduction to the Cruise Shipping Industry 5
CSH-112 Front Office Services on a Cruise Ship 6
CSH-113 Health and Safety on a Cruise Ship 7
CSH-114 Food Preparation on a Cruise Ship 7
ENG-112 Foreign Language – Elective

1.     Oral Communication

GER-113 2.     Oral Communication 5
Students choose one of two subjects
Total for Semester 1 30
Code Year 1 Semester 2 ECTS /Credits
CSH-115 Housekeeping on a Cruise Ship 6
CSH-117 Terminology and Operations on a Cruise Ship 7
CSH-118 Event Planning, Animation & Cruise Operation 5
CSH-119 Food & Beverage Service on a Cruise Ship 7
CSH-120 Cruise Geography 5
CSH-121 Improving Skills at Sea *(Training/Internship – (Subject without Credits) N/A
Total for Semester 2 30