Vision & Mission

The Casa College Research Centre was established in 2018 to foster research culture in the academic community (faculty and students) of Casa College. The vision of the Research Centre is to develop socially beneficial research activity which will encompass the academic community and a large portion of the society. Research at Casa College focuses mainly on the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics and Management, Hospitality, History, and Geography. The research activity of our Research Centre aims to make a real change in the world and make a difference in people’s lives. Research and advancement of knowledge as intellectual activities are an integral part of our educational environment that fosters innovation and enthusiasm for excellence.

Its mission is to inspire and promote knowledge, innovation and development through research. The Casa College Research Centre is committed to create a research culture among the College faculty members who are widely encouraged not only to undertake research, but also to inspire their students to get involved.

Casa College Research Centre aims to achieve its mission by:

  • Assisting in the development and strengthening of research and innovation in Cyprus;
  • Providing support to the Casa College faculty members and advancing its role in society;
  • Supporting the development of the knowledge of the society and human resources within the field of research;
  • Supporting networking activities among its members, at the local and international level together with the development of a dynamic networking cooperation;
  • Promoting research between the College and society, and contributing to the development of research culture in the city of Nicosia and in Cyprus in general;
  • Participating in national or European projects under the aegis of the Research Promotion Foundation, ERASMUS+, National Authorities, etc. (Research projects may also make the best out of the most capable and motivated of our students in correlation with the field under study.); and
  • Cooperating with public and private entities for mutual interest reasons.


The objectives of Casa College Research Centre are to:

  • Promote research, innovation and critical study in connection with the educational mission of Casa College;
  • Contribute to the fields of hospitality, hotel administration, business, maritime, and nursing;
  • Carry out studies and research, seminars, conferences, symposiums, training sessions, publications, partnerships and collaborations with other organisations, endorsing the above objectives;
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research, cooperation among peers and other institutions and academics in Cyprus; 
  • Raise awareness of and commitment to competent and credible research as an important component in the academia;
  • Provide training and mentoring programmes for faculty members in order to develop their research capabilities and competencies;
  • Encourage faculty members to conduct and produce relevant research work which is linked to the College mission and objectives;
  • Serve as a partner of the government and business sector in pursuing critical research;
  • Initiate, undertake and promote high quality research adhering strictly to the code of ethics;
  • Carry out pure research in collaboration with domestic and international institutions, in order to enhance the expertise of the researchers at the Research Centre;
  • Undertake research projects covering issues that have an impact on the social, economic and technical developments of the public and private sectors in Cyprus and abroad;
  • Disseminate knowledge and experience to academics, researchers, students and the community as a whole; and
  • Assist organisations through customised research services, counselling and consulting.