Quality Assurance


Remaining true to its vision and mission, and to the definition of its strategic goals for future development, Casa College is committed to assure quality through various actions. It is committed to quality through teaching, research and development, providing timely services to foster and develop academic excellence by training practice-oriented manpower, who can contribute effectively to social, intellectual and academic development.


Effective planning and careful implementation of plans are essential in the creation of a superior institution, as well as the processes of monitoring and review. However, the commitment of each member of staff to understand the Institution’s purpose and future ambitions, to see his/her role in relation to the Institution’s goals and to do his/her job well and with enthusiasm is equally important. Quality must be the responsibility of everyone who works in the College. Thus, the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) promotes a quality culture at the College.

As a result of the quality policy, the Strategic Planning, the academic goals, the College’s mission, but also the procedures for the quality assurance, the IQAS constitutes a key tool for the College’s progress. The IQAS has been developed in a way that is in line with the current legislation, the European directives and the guidelines of CYQAA. The aim of the IQAS is to achieve high quality in the operation of the Institution and continuous improvement of its educational and research work, as well as the efficient operation and performance of its services, according to international practices – especially those of the European Higher Education Area – and the principles of CYQAA, by selecting appropriate resources, people, procedures and methodologies.

The scope of application of the IQAS is the quality assurance in the academic unit, administrative services and human resources, as well as the adherence to the procedures for the accreditation of the College programmes and the accreditation of the system itself. The main means of improving the quality of the Institution is the systematic evaluation of all the services offered to the students, faculty, administrative staff and society, in general. This is achieved at Casa College through the use of specific forms, questionnaires and handbooks.

The IQAS is specifically based on the Institution’s policy and strategy for the quality assurance processes, and it is structured around the following pillars:

  • design, approval, monitoring and reviewing of the programmes of study;
  • teaching/learning and assessment;
  • staff recruitment and development;
  • student admission, progression, recognition and certification;
  • learning resources and student support; and
  • information management and publication.

The main pertinent body for managing the College’s Internal Quality Assurance System is the Internal Quality Committee. It is responsible for: the organisation, operation and continuous improvement of the system; the implementation and coordination of the internal evaluation procedures of the academic and service units; as well as the support of the external evaluation and accreditation procedures according to CYQAA’s standards, directions and guidelines.

Casa College Internal Quality Assurance Committee comprises of the following members:

  • The Director of the Academic Studies (Chair)
  • One administrative staff representative
  • Three faculty members
  • Two members of the Quality Assurance & Enhancement Department
  • One student representative

Download our Quality Assurance Handbook here.