Research Department

Casa College encourages and develops research activity which mainly focuses on the areas of Social Sciences, Economics and Management, Hospitality and Business. Our research is contributing new knowledge, ideas and solutions, which is leading to real change in the world and making a difference to people’s lives. Research and advancement of knowledge as intellectual activities are an integral part of our educational environment that fosters innovation and enthusiasm for excellence.

The Casa College faculty attend and participate in international conferences where they present their research papers. They also publish reviews and research papers in academic journals. The goal of our Research Centre is to motivate the teaching staff to undertake research and develop their research skills as well as collaborate with researchers from other educational institutions in
Cyprus and abroad.

The Research Centre of Casa College aims at continuous development, at enriching its research activities and at strengthening the cohesiveness and collaboration among its members. Therefore, our research is financially and ethically supported by the College.

The College has been publishing academic journals since 2014.

The Research Department shall serve as the depository and monitoring office of all research contracts, research outputs and other relevant information of the college. This will be headed by a Research Director.

  • Promote awareness and commitment to competent and credible research as an important component in academia;
  • Provide training and mentoring programs for faculty to develop its research capabilities and competencies;
  • Encourage faculty to conduct and produce relevant research work that linked to the college mission and  objectives;
  • Establish library of quality research projects; and
  • Serve as a partner of the government and business sector in pursuing critical research and study requirements on critical national development concerns.
  • Oversees the implementation of the College’s research policies related to promoting quality and  encouraging excellence;
  • Creates committees to evaluate research proposals based on evaluation criteria approved by the college;
  • Conducts the meetings, training, mentoring programs for the faculty;
  • Endorses papers for international research presentations and publications.

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