Scholarships are offered to students of excellent academic performance as well as to students who demonstrate outstanding athletic skills and participate in  various College teams. Scholarships are offered to new and existing students and always concern the following academic year. In more detail, scholarships are offered in the following cases:

Local Students
New students who have an ‘Excellent’ (93-100%) grade in their High School Leaving Certificate receive a scholarship (waiving of tuition fee) for the first semester or 50% reduction in the fees for the entire academic year.

Local, EU & International Students

  • Continuing students whose overall semester mark in all subjects is ‘Excellent’ (93-100%) and regularly attend classes (90% and above) can be awarded a scholarship (50%) for the next academic semester.
  • The student who is distinguished because of his/her academic performance, ethos and regular class attendance in each programme is offered a scholarship for the next semester (35%).
  • Additional grants of (€100 to €300 per semester, or €100 to €700 for the entire academic year) are offered to students who have a good academic performance and face financial problems.

Scholarships Based on Special Criteria

  • Child of missing or enclaved parent
  • Child of a large or poor family
  • Orphan
  • Permanent participation in a sports club of premier league
  • Refugee or asylum seeker status

Scholarships and financial grants awarded are determined by the  Academic Committee. Marks that are based on any other marking scale (e.g. out of 100) are adapted to the College’s system in order to indicate the kind of scholarship granted.

Students wishing to apply for a scholarship at Casa College must complete the Scholarship Application Form and send it via email to or submit it at the reception desk.