Our educational organisation just celebrated 60 years in education. 60 years of excellence, 60 years of contribution, 60 years of memories. Throughout its history our organisation has evolved and adjusted either as a result of displacement due to conflict either due to global or local financial crisis or simply to meet the demands of tech savvy students who consider themselves citizens of the world. Every time the flexibility and resilience displayed paid true homage to its heritage making both staff, students and alumni proud to be a part of such a historic and strong community.

We are delighted that our organisation continues its evolution through its educational journey by forming an Academic Partnership with the University of Northampton UK. This academic partnership not only adds value to our organisation but it also enables us to expand our disciplines initially into the financial sector, which is part of a long-term strategic plan that is coming to fruition. We are beyond proud that we are able to offer the prestigious British degree in Cyprus without compromising quality.

We look forward to welcoming new local, European Union and international students into our community. We are committed to providing them with the quality education that they aspire too and the student life that they deserve. Our administrative and academic staff have received thorough training from the University of Northampton, further ensuring that Cyprus UoN students’ experience mirrors that of UK-based UoN students.